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Finally a Halloween tradition that's not another Haunted House.


Reservations for 2024 Halloween Light Shows must be confirmed before Memorial Day of 2024 to be delivered in time for a mid September delivery.


We've done this once or twice.

Here's a quick overview of just some of the benefits of working with Holiday Light Show brand.



We maintain a massive collection of interchangeable light shows that we can deploy to your location each year, all you have to do is request a show refresh! That's part of how we make sure your location becomes a holiday tradition customers look forward to each year!


Hands-on training included.

While we don't do setup on your property, we do train and assist your designated crew with the knowledge and experience they need to both be successful in getting your show ready to open and maintaining it throughout the season.


A personalized touch, always.

Whether you're a seasoned event producer or this is your first rodeo, we pair you with one of our Venue Coordinators to ensure a smooth process from onboarding through opening night & beyond! 


Locally made, locally supported.

We design & manufacture just about every piece in our shows New England meaning that your show will always stand out from the crowd of other shows in your area & should something unexpected comes up, you're just a video chat away from the solution.


Marketing, Websites, & Ticketing

Opening a new event means figuring out best practices, ticketing, websites, marketing, and need for creative content to promote the new show. We've got all that and then some to make sure you're impactful right out the gate!

Ready to learn more about hosting a light show? Get in touch today!

Just a little taste of the magic... 

We have thousands of unique displays that we can circulate in your show to make sure that it is fresh and exciting each holiday season. When you host a 'Holiday Light Show' branded light show at your property, you're building a high-energy, inclusive winter tradition that will brighten up your guests' festivities each & every year! Here's just a tincy portion of some of our displays.

So how do I get started?


Drop us a line!

Reach out for more information using the link below.


Our venue coordinator will be in touch!

We strive to get back all submissions within 1 business day. If you don't hear back within 3 business days, please resubmit.


Virtual Site Visit.

Our venue coordinator will get to know you & your property before fitting you into a package that best suits your unique needs.


Review & sign display agreement.

Our agreements were designed to be easy to read & informative. 


Advanced planning & equipment delivery!

Tell everyone you know, you're officially opening a light show!!

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