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Host Your Own Christmas Show

Events to showcase your property year-round!

BOLD Media's 'Holiday Light Show' brand offers event producers access to a collection of seasonally themed light show events. Click below to learn more about each show!


Our Light Shows Include...

Our Light Shows Include...

Musically Synchronized!

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the rhythm of our Musically Synchronized Displays! Whether it's the haunting melodies of Halloween or the uplifting tunes of a patriotic celebration, our lights dance, flicker, and shine in perfect harmony with the music. It's not just a light show; it's a symphony of light and sound that transforms any seasonal event into an electrifying, unforgettable experience.

Epic Light Tunnels!

A light tunnel serves as a mesmerizing gateway that transports visitors into a world of festive wonder and enchantment. As guests drive or walk through the tunnel, they are enveloped in a canopy of brilliant, synchronized lights that pulse and dance to the rhythm of seasonal music. This captivating experience serves as a highlight of the light show, creating an unforgettable, Instagram-worthy moment that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Drive-Thru? Walk-Thru? You Decide!

Choose your own adventure with our flexible Walk-Thru or Drive-Thru light show configurations! Whether you want to stroll leisurely through a glowing wonderland or experience the magic from the comfort of your car, we've got you covered. Tailor the experience to fit your venue and audience, and make your seasonal event a personalized, unforgettable spectacle that everyone will love.

Larger-Than-Life Displays!

Experience the magic of the seasons like never before with our "Larger Than Life" wire-frame displays! Crafted in the iconic Christmas-style, these towering installations are versatile show-stoppers that seamlessly adapt to Halloween spookiness, springtime blooms, or patriotic fervor. They're not just decorations; they're immersive experiences that elevate any light show into a must-see, unforgettable spectacle.


Light Shows of Every Size and Budget!

Light Shows of Every Size and Budget!

Unlock untapped revenue and dazzle your audiences with our turnkey light shows, customized to fit venues of all shapes and sizes! Whether you're operating in a park, parking lot, fairgrounds, whatever - we've got the perfect, budget-friendly solution to make your venue the go-to destination for seasonal entertainment! Don't miss out—elevate your property and your profits with our spectacular, year-round collection of light shows!

Get started with planning your very own light show!

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